Glip Oil-less Air Fryer

Glip Oil-less Air FryerGlip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer Review

The Glip AF800 is an air fryer with a retro look and feel. You will get transported back to the 50’s when you look at it. But how does the Glip AF800 stack up as an air fryer?

Let’s have a closer look!

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Glip Air Fryer Features

The Glip AF800 is available in black and white.

Low Fat cooking

The Glip AF800 can prepare food with a lot less oil than traditional cooking methods like deep-frying.

Some foods(like fries made from fresh potatoes) do need a little oil, while other foods like frozen fries or chicken wings can be prepared without oil.

Great for your waist line and your wallet!

Fast Food Preparation

The Glip air fryer can prepare food faster than a conventional oven. You can make french fries and chicken wings in about 20 minutes. The Glip AF800 has a 30 minute timer and will automatically turn off when that time has been reached.

Removable Parts

The Glip is easy to clean thanks to the removable frying basket, which can be popped in the dishwasher. The Glip air fryer has a cool to touch housing which can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

What’s in the box?

Aside from the base unit with the removable frying basket, you’ll also get an air fryer cookbook, an instruction manual and a heat resistant pad when you buy the Glip Oil-less Air Fryer.

Glip Oil-less Air Fryer Technical Specifications

Temperature: 400 F max.

Timer: 30 minutes with auto shut off

Power: 1400 watt

Voltage: 120v

Capacity: 2.2 liter (can hold 6-7 full-size chicken wings)

Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 12 inches

Weight: 13 pounds

Glip Oil-less Air Fryer

The Glip air fryer can also cook your pork chops to perfection!


  • Can cook most foods in 20 minutes
  • Chicken wings or drumsticks can be cooked beautifully with this air fryer:The meat is juicy and the skin is crispy.
  • Can cook fries, hamburgers, fish fingers, chicken tenders, buffalo wings and more with little to no fat.


  • Some people complained about the size of the air fryer; it’s a bit on the larger side, so not practical if you have a small counter-top.
  • The opposite about the size of the basket; it’s a bit small for some people. The size is actually rather common among air fryers. If you need a bigger air fryer the Philips Avance XL might be more up your alley.

The Bottom Line

The Glip AF800 has a lot of satisfied customers, who like the ease of use (just 2 buttons), the taste of the food and the fact that it’s easy to clean. This is a great air fryer for any budding chef who like to cook and eat healthily.