An air fryer under $100 can be an excellent choice if it fits your needs and lifestyle. These air fryers are usually pretty basic, but they still get the job done.

The reason these air fryers are cheap is because their functions are more basic than the higher end ones.

An example would be the controls; on cheaper models you would find analog controls only, with the exception of this Della Electric Air Fryer. The Della air fryer does have digital controls and is a very good air fryer considering the price.

More expensive air fryers can prepare larger amounts of food or more types of food. Buy an accessory for 1 of the Philips Airfryers to bake a cake or grill fish.

Another reason why these air fryers are cheaper is because they are relatively unknown brands. Does this mean these air fryers are of a lesser quality?

By all means NO.These air fryers do their job just as well as the bigger brands and will deliver the same results you would expect from any air fryer.

It usually comes down to marketing budgets. Big brands spend a lot of money marketing their products and would like to see this returned. Hence the higher prices.

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