Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer Review

Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer

Whether you want to fry hamburgers or fries the Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer can do it with a lot less or even no fat. Well that’s what they claim, so we have reviewed this air fryer by Cozyna to see if it can live up it’s claims.

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From the outside this air fryer looks a lot like the Philips HD9220 or the Le Coucou Air Fryer. Same shape, same analog control panel with a button for the timer and a button for the temperature settings.

This is by no means a bad thing. A lot of people prefer the analog control panels over the digital panels with (sometimes) too many confusing options.

Using the air fryer is very simple: Set the temperature and the timer after you insert your food in the basket and you’re golden; no pun intended.

This air fryer can prepare anything from crispy French fries, grill chicken or fish to egg-rolls and cakes…It’s done fast and easy.

Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air Fryer Features

  • 1500-watts of frying power
  • 3.2 liter capacity
  • Prepares fried, baked, roasted and grilled foods
  • Temperature settings up to 392 degrees
  • Includes cookbook with 40+ recipes
  • 30 minute timer
  • Easy to Clean – Dishwasher safe
  • Non stick surface

Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air FryerReview

  • The Cozyna Air Fryer gets great reviews over at People who actually bought this hot air fryer like the ease of use and the endless possibilities.Frying, baking, roasting and grilling a variety of foods with little to no fat. Reviewers made egg-rolls, cakes, pork chops, sweet potato fries, bacon and even quail with the Cozyna and loved it!
  • The Cozyna air fryer comes with recipe book containing more than 40 recipes. There are some easy recipes in the book(fried chicken!), but also a bit more advanced, yet delicious recipes like Molten chocolate lava cake….yum!
  • This air fryer is easy to clean. First of all the air fryer does not get messy or greasy like a deep fryer, which is a plus. When it’s time to clean you remove the basket and either soak it in water and soap or pop it in the dish washer. The main unit can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • No nasty smells; you can prepare fish in the air fryer without the lingering smells afterwards.
  • Fast cooking – The air fryer has an analog timer button for up to 30 minutes and this is more than sufficient for most foods.

Cozyna Low Fat Healthy Air FryerPros

  • It’s a highly affordable air fryer and basically does what it says: prepares food quickly and without the additional calories you get when using a deep fryer.
  • Non stick
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use


  • It’s a no-frills model; no flashy design, no back-lit display.


Great air fryer that does what it’s supposed to do: prepare a variety of foods in little time with little fat. The model looks a little basic, but if you’re after an affordable air fryer that delivers, then this one is for you.

If you’re looking for a flashier air fryer then check out the GoWise of Philips HD9230 air fryer, which does come with a higher price tag.