DELLA Electric Air Fryer 1500w with Digital Controls

Della Electric Air Fryer with digital controls

DELLA Electric Air Fryer 1500w with Digital Controls
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The Della electric air fryer is great for making a variety of foods from Chicken, fried steak, onion rings, stuffed mushrooms to fish, french fries and so much more.

Customers are happy with quality and the results of this air fryer. It’s easy to use, works as advertised and is easy to clean.

2 minor cons were mentioned:

  • The air fryer needs to warm up 3-5 minutes before use
  • some customer mentioned the air fryer is big for the counter. At the same time others did not have this issue at all
  • If you want to see how big it really is see this picture taken by a customer. I’d say it’s not that bad, but it just depends on your kitchen I guess!

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    Della has 3 air fryers in their product range of which we’re reviewing the Della Electric Air Fryer with digital controls.

    It’s one of the cheapest air fryers we have reviewed so far. Is it any good?

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    Della Electric Air Fryer Review

    Out of the box this is a pretty slick looking air fryer with blue digital controls.

    Upon closer inspection you’ll notice the preset buttons for warming up, chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, meat, cake and fish.

    The Della Electric Air fryer uses the same technology other air fryers use: Hot air circulates around the food giving it a crispy finish whilst preserving the juiciness and with little to no oils or fats.

    This air fryer can prepare a variety of foods including French fries, chicken wings, pork chops, fish and more!

    What’s really great about this air fryer is that has a cool to touch housing and handle. This might sound like a basic feature, but -seriously- a lot of higher priced air fryers don’t have this important feature.

    Using the Della Electric Air fryer is a cinch; You can either use one of the preset buttons (see the instruction booklet) or set the timer up to 30.

    When the cooking time is up, the air fryer will go into standby mode automatically.

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    Della Electric Air Fryer Specs

    • Color: Black or White
    • Watt: 1500
    • Voltage: 120v/60hz
    • Timer: 0-30min
    • Temperature Control: Yes
    • Cooking Presets: 8
    • Temperature Range: 176 to 392 degree Fahrenheit
    • Power Indicator: Yes
    • Heating Indicator: Yes
    • Capacity: 3.2 Quart
    • Detachable Basket: Yes
    • Certification: ETL, UL, CSA Listed
    • Dimensions: 14 x 16 x 14 inches
    • Weight: 12.6 lbs
    DELLA Electric Air Fryer

    The DELLA Electric Air Fryer has 3.2 qrt basket capacity.

    What’s in the Box

    Aside from the main unit with the frying basket, you’ll get a clear instruction manual and a recipe booklet.

    There are no accessories included with this air fryer and none are available for purchase.


    • Easy to use
    • Uses little to no fat to prepare a variety of foods
    • Preset cooking buttons for quick use
    • Easy clean up: removable parts are dishwasher safe
    • Cool to touch housing and handle
    • Includes a recipe book
    • Low fat, healthy cooking options


    • Needs to warm up first (3-5 minutes)
    • Some customers mentioned that this a big appliance, so check if you have enough space on your kitchen counter


    The Della Electric Air Fryer gets the same praise from customers as air fryers made by the more expensive brands.

    It prepares popular foods like French fries and chicken nuggets beautifully for a fraction of the price you pay for most other air fryer brands and it is easy to clean.

    What more could you ask for?