Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven Review

Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven

Big Boss Rapid Wave OvenThe Big Boss Rapid Wave oven is a counter-top convection oven which can roast, steam, bake, air fry and boil food efficiently and without added fats or oils.

The cooking process is 3 times faster than traditional ovens, whilst keeping the food moist and crisp, so no dried out chicken wings!

The Big Boss Rapid Wave combines 3 cooking elements:

  • Halogen to heat the foods’ surface for roasting, browning and flavor
  • Convection for circulating the hot air, so the heat is evenly distributed for faster cooking.
  • Infrared cooks the food from the inside out, sealing in the juices.

Basically you can make almost everything in this counter-top oven without defrosting or reheating.

There are 2 sizes available: 16 quart and 17.5 quart

What’s so great about the Big Boss Rapid wave is that it has simple controls, works quietly and does not stink up the whole room.

If your have a college going child, this is a great gift when she/he moves into the dorm. No more excuses for bad, unhealthy food!

What’s in the Box?

The Big Boss Rapid Wave oven comes with a base, glass bowl and lid, a low and a high rack, an extender ring and a 30 page cookbook.

Can the Big Boss Rapid Wave Cook a Turkey?

Yes, it can cook a turkey up to 10 lbs using the extender ring(included).